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Vajrram is a jewellery line where every piece is curated, designed and handcrafted uniquely for you. The idea is simply the amalgam of your design and our craftsmanship monitored under the guidance of our founder. Our designers believe that everyone deserves to find their most iconic piece, their everyday sparkle, and their most precious memories. After all it’s your fabulous choices that make who you are. Our collections bring the exclusivity that comes with inspirational designs. We are always looking forward to resolving your needs and requirements customizing to the tiniest specifications. So, it’s time for you reconsider your desires and make a note of them. Vajrram cares for your inner thoughts, the innate love to completely own your jewellery. Visit us soon to address that jewel craving.
Vastram is a handloom house where sarees are handsewn, curated and procured from artists from India. Our fabric is of the finest quality because in Vastram we earnestly believe that “Your desires deserve their own designs.” That’s why we make sure our prints are unique and bold. Every weave is created with a lot of passion and hard work by weavers. At Vastram, we make sure you meet the saree that’s made for you, feels like you, expresses your core strengths in solidarity with you. That’s why it’s time to heartily confess your infatuation with sarees and face your true love. Let’s join together to drape our fabric with your beautiful ideas.
Vivahamm is a match making house exclusively for Reddy and Velama castes. And once a particular party is designated, we organise one to one counselling. Our founder Mrs Rohini Garu will be your personal dedicated relationship manager. She has the most perfect sensibility to recognize what the groom and the bride expect. Vivahamm is the ideal space for invoking passionate nuptial bliss. Like they say Marriage needs to be planned, devised, organised according to your best wishes. We also strictly give the highest priority for your privacy and your personal details will not be shared without your authorisation. Reddys and Velamas now have a non-judgemental home to find their ideal partner.